Stacii Jae's 'Single Girls Club Conference' inspires women to succeed

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Stacii Jae Johnson’s electrifying and invigorating “Single Girls Club Conference” at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel in Atlanta could be summarized into a single, powerful word:
Women experience freedom when they discard the shackles of self-contempt and low self-esteem, along with the Hollywood concept of beauty, and begin to embrace the masterpieces their Makers created them to be, as Brandi Harvey, daughter of Steve Harvey, said to a standing ovation.
Women experience freedom when they cease and desist from the debilitating practice of being stuck in shame, and stop suffering in silence, and begin to invest in their personal development, as author and financial connoisseur Patrice Washington implored the audience to do.
And, in the same vain, the entrepreneur and radio personality known affectionately as “Stacii Jae” became free when she ceased acquiescing to the predetermined destiny and expectations laid out to her by her well-meaning family, relatives and friends. Instead, she began to pursue the dreams that used to lie dormant within the crevices of her soul. From this fruitful foundation, Stacii Jae found the inspiration behind the the first-ever “Single Girls Club Experience,” in order to inspire other women to follow the same path. Therefore it was apropos to hold the event at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel because that’s what the aim of the daylong conference was: to help single women have a personal renaissance in order to pursue their true passions, to find their true loves and to live on a higher plane of being.
Stacii Jae said her powerful epiphany came a few years ago with a personal setback that brought the vivacious and versatile woman “to my knees.”
“I finally asked myself ‘what makes me happy,'” she explained to the Atlanta Daily World during a brief reprieve from the duties of hosting and handing out awards. “I had never asked myself that, ever. Which is kind of ridiculous, because I should be a part of the happiness program in my life.
“What I found out was that I discovered all these things that made me happy that were against what people said should make me happy. And I found myself more whole. What I found is I’m happy being me, and either you are okay with that — because I had lived everybody else’s life before — or you are not. And I’m okay with you not being cool with it.”
From that prism, Stacii Jae founded the “Single Girls Club Conference and Experience” in order to connect with other women who had crossed over and so they grow together under the premise of “Living, Loving, Laughing, Learning Me.”
“It’s all about ‘me.’ I’m not preparing women for marriage or anything like that,” Stacii Jae continued. “I want women to be whole with themselves. Once you are whole with yourself, then if you want to get married or have a partner, then you can do that. But it was important for me to find women who had found their way over to the other side — meaning: having more ups than downs — to create that sisterhood. There were other women who were like me, being depressed and living everyone else’s happiness and wound up being miserable.”
Staci Jae accomplished ambitious goal by rounding up and then gift wrapping to the urban sophisticates in attendance an illustrious line-up of powerhouse women (and a few men) to help empower, educate and inspire today’s single female with the aid of mistress of ceremonies Kiana Dancie. She also had the help of blogger Funky Dineva who had the audience in stitches when he hosted an online dating panel. Over 20 influencers, representing the spectrum of business, relationship and personal empowerment, helped the radio show host impart words of wisdom to steer women towards a better, more freeing life of tranquility and joy.
The event was such a success that Stacii Jae is planning another event in October.
Some of Saturday’s panels included “I May Be Alone, But I Am Definitely Not Lonely” moderated by Jennifer Lester, Life Coach and Executive Director of the Big Boi Foundation and featured others such as Karmetria Burton (GM of Strategic Programs, Delta Airlines), Yvette Caslin (SVP Strategy & Development Steed Media Group) and more. Next, Shawn Bullard, Star of WE tv’s “Match Made in Heaven”, sat down with Stacii Jae Johnson to offer advice to single women looking to attract and keep a ‘good’ man. Later, Stacii Jae Johnson presented a series of awards to honorees in attendance including Catherine Brewton, BMI’S Vice President, Writer/ Publisher Relations with the 2015 Crown Award of Excellence. As well as The Deborah Jefferson Love Works Award presented to Tiffany Smith, CEO The Nine09 Group.
Additional panelists who participated in the inaugural Single Girls Club Experience included:

  • Sheri Riley, Life Strategist & Founding Member of Dr. John C Maxwell’s Coaching & Speaking Training Team
  • Patrice Washington, Wisdom & Wealth Money Maven
  • Allyson Byrd, The Profit Accelerator
  • Brandi Harvey, Executive Director of The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation
  • Ericka Dotson, Co- Founder & Creative Director, Indique Hair
  • Princess Monique, CEO Princess Filmz, Film/ TV Director & Producer
  • Rebecca Lynn, Founder & CEO, Head Over Heels Matchmaking
  • Maja Sly, CEO Walk- In Weaves & Pretty Hair Depot, Entrepreneur & Purveyor of all things “PRETTY”
  • Karmetria Burton, GM of Strategic Programs, Delta Airlines
  • Erika Baez, Regional Area VP of Bank of America Merchant Services
  • Quentin Latham, Writer & Blogger
  • Lisa Tanker, Fitness/ Lifestyle Expert & Media Consultant
  • Dr. Measha Dancy, Energy, Health, & Wellness Healer
  • Dr. Joi Edwards, General & Cosmetic Dentist
  • For more information about Stacii Jae Johnson and The Single Girls Club Experience, please visit or follow Stacii Jae on Twitter and Instagram: @StaciiJae.

Take a look at some of the photographic highlights from the event by flipping the e-page:
Photos: Terry Shropshire and Jay Pray

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