3 women arrested in brutal beating of Atlanta woman over a hamburger

At first, Myriah Pointer insinuated that the Atlanta Police Department failed to take her savage beating by her so-called best friends very seriously.
It turns out the APD was very thorough. Approximately a week after Pointer was filmed being savagely beaten and knocked unconscious by her three female “friends” — only to have her humiliation compounded exponentially when a person videotaping the pummeling uploaded it onto social media — police have arrested the three female suspects.
Tekia Strickland, Armonni Cofer and Chasmyn Donald were booked into the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta as the culprits in the vicious Feb. 22 attack that left Pointer, 23, with two black eyes, a chipped tooth and a concussion, police said Monday. Pointer was also knocked unconscious in the one-way melee.
Donald, 21, who was arrested Friday, is being charged with aggravated battery, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, and third-degree cruelty to children.
Strickland and Cofer turned themselves in late Monday evening.

How Pointer looked before she sustained two black eyes.
How Pointer looked before she sustained two black eyes.

“All of the suspects in this case have been arrested,” Sgt. Greg Lyons.
As the three women allegedly punched, kicked and dragged throughout the apartment by her hair, a fourth person recorded the 2-1/2 minute attack on their cellphone but did not intervene in the fracas.
After they finally got satisfied they beat her enough, Pointer said her attackers held her captive and would not allow her to seek help via a phone.
Three hours later, Pointer said she was finally granted permission to call her aunt to come pick her up. Once she was in the safe confines of relatives, she immediately contacted authorities.
“Everything has changed and I never wanna go back to the way it was,” she posted on Facebook. “I’m finding who I am and who I am from here on out is gonna be enough!”
Photos: Fulton County Jail, WSBTV, Facebook

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