VH1's 'Sorority Sisters' cast suspended from AKAs

sorority sisters April-McRae-And-Joy-Hammond-Suspended-From-AKA-feat
After observing the avalanche of protest come crashing down on the reviled VH1 reality show “Sorority Sisters,” one of the black Greek sorority organizations has taken steps to remove their members who are stars of the wretched show. 
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. has suspended cast members April R. McRae and Rwanda Hammond for more than two years, resultant from their ghetto-fabulous and “ratchet” behavior that the AKAs believed brought disrepute to their organization and contaminated the spirit of their legacy. The suspension start date is listed as 12/26/2014 and will end on 07/15/2016.
McRae and Hammond have been exiled from the organization and are disallowed from adorning any sorority paraphernalia nor attend official sorority events during their forced moratorium from the AKAs.
What do you think about the two year suspensions? And do you believe the other sororities should take action against the remaining cast members?


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