Funniest Reactions to 'Sorority Sisters' Premiere on VH1

VH1’s “Sorority Sisters” premiered under a dark cloud of controversy and the hot, hostile glare of millions of black Greek sorors and fraternity members nationwide who resent their organizations and legacies being portrayed through the reality show premise.
While many chose not to watch (or claimed they were not going to check out) the reality show that ostensibly gave an honest glimpse into the lives of post-graduate black sorority members, others were on figurative patrol for vestiges of “rachet-ness,” ghetto-fabulous behavior and debauchery.
Based on the responses below, “Sorority Sisters” was ratchet-ness 2.0. In fact, for many of the respondents on social media, this was worse because they were supposed to be educate businesswomen with a modicum of class and sophistication ripping into each other instead of building each other nor the community up. And they had a lot to say about it.
We seriously doubt that esteemed elders such as Nikki Giovanni and Toni Morrison and Phylicia Rashad and Jada Pinkett Smith would have approved of the single-dimensional way sorors are being portrayed. And no doubt Coretta Scott King nor Dr. Maya Angelou would have thrown their endorsement behind the show.
Take a look at some of the harshest and wittiest responses to the show “Sorority Sisters” below, beginning with Roland Martin and going through other media personalities:

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