Preview of 'Sorority Sisters' Reality Show on VH1 (Video)

The premiere of the newest VH1 reality show, “Sorority Sisteers,” has incited a spectrum of raw emotions in urban America because of their desire to jealously guard the the sanctity and storied history of black Greek organizations from external pollutants (i.e., misinformation, scandal and debauchery).
Many of the most brilliant, accomplished and venerated African Americans in U.S. history — including Martin Luther King Jr., Pulitzer Prize-winning author Toni Morrison and “Brown vs. Board of Education” legal hero Thurgood Marshall to name a few — were members of the Divine 9.
Therefore, it is easy to see why tens of thousands of urban sophisticates who pledged Greek are watching the proceedings from behind very discriminating lenses to gauge how much the Mona Scott Young-created reality show (Scott Young created the “Love and Hip Hop” franchise) will debase and befoul the legacy of black Greek society, if at all.
According to some sources, the leadership of many black Greek organizations gave the participants and producers of the show a very stern talking to and forbade the cast members from donning any Greek logo or uttering their names of the hallowed sororities.
The show premieres Monday evening at 9 p.m. EST. But below is an extended preview of the upcoming show. Take a look.
Photo and video: VH1
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