Serial Killer Stalking Atlanta's Homeless

Atlanta authorities are on the look out for an individual who has killed two homeless men late last month using the same weapon and killing technique. Police told the media that the killer shot both homeless men as they slept on the streets and wrapped in blankets using .45 caliber bullets.
Detective David Quinn said Wednesday, Dec. 10 that the first man, Dorian Jenkins, 42, was found dead wrapped in a blanket on a sidewalk on Nov. 23. He was noticed by a group of teenage outreach workers who feed the homeless and found Jenkins’ body. He had been shot five times.
Tommy Mims, 68, was shot seven times while curled up in a blanket on Nov. 26. Mims usually collected cans for money and someone went to check on him after he failed to show up at a local recycling center as he usually did.
A type of .45-caliber bullet with an elongated shape often called a “cowboy bullet”  was used each time, he said.
Quinn explained during a press conference at police headquarters that the gunman would have had to stop after five or six shots and reload as Mims was dying on the pavement to fire additional shots.
“It’s sinister. It’s evil in that there was nothing to gain from it monetarily,” Quinn said. “This reminds me of the David Berkowitz case when I was kid up in New York,” Quinn said in reference to the infamous Son of Sam serial killer who used a revolver to murder six people in the mid-1970s that shook the city to its core.
Police on Wednesday released photos of the bullets and the Blazer Ammunition packaging mostly black with a red stripe in which they were sold. Experts believe they were fired from either a Taurus Judge revolver or a Smith & Wesson Governor revolver, Quinn said.
“The gun and the bullet are both equally important in terms of turning this case,” Quinn said. “We don’t see this gun on our crime scenes on a normal basis,”
Police hope the particular ammunition used in the killings will help them track the shooter down because the bullets were discontinued in 2010, Quinn said.

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