HIV Positive Pastor Rodney Carr May Only Serve 1 Year for Spreading AIDS


Rodney Carr, a former pastor at Fellowship of believers in Christ Church in Memphis, Tenn. has been knowingly spreading HIV and AIDS through deliberate unprotected sex since 2005.

Carr’s treacherous lifestyle began to unravel when he began dating a woman in 2010 and transmitted the often fatal disease to the unsuspecting woman. After she found out she had AIDS, she alerted the authorities and Carr was arrested in 2012.

Incredulously, the court system let Carr out on bail and the disgraced reprobate began searching for new prey (dates) online.

In the state of Tennessee, individuals who have sex without disclosing their HIV status to a potential partner could face up to 15 years in prison. But Carr had no prior convictions and was sentenced to five years in jail for his crime.

Incredibly, Carr could be released from prison in about 15 months if he exemplifies good behavior. Despite his relatively good fortune despite putting many women’s lives in danger, Carr has petitioned the court for a new trial.

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