Bill Cosby's #CosbyMeme Incites Vicious Backlash

Comedic and sitcom legend Bill Cosby has been drenched under a torrential downpour of hate and mockery after someone from his camp incredulously thought that starting a #CosbyMeme hashtag on Twitter was a good idea.
Obviously, whoever came up with the concept is not cooking with a full can of grease because it subjected the embattled Cosby to being lampooned with almost laughable (or pathetic) impugnity.
In recent reports, a cadre of former female proteges and other women have claimed the Jell-O spokesperson had spiked their drinks or used other unseemly methods in order to render them defenseless as the comedian allegedly violated them sexually on multiple occasions.
Here are the most outlandish responses from the imprudent and inadvisable #CosbyMeme.


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