Ferguson Protesters in Atlanta Shut Down Traffic on Interstate 75/85

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Atlanta is already notorious for having one of the very worst traffic congestions in the United States — and getting steadily worse. But the reason for the latest traffic shut down had nothing to do two cars kissing each other on the highway.
A Human blockade made up of members of Black Lives Matter are staging protests of police brutality across the nation — most particularly of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.
The group were marching and blocking traffic along the Downtown Connector (I-75/85) and Freedom Parkway for a brief time during the latter part of rush hour on Wednesday, Oct. 21.
The flashpoint, of course, are the circumstances surrounding the curious and questionable shooting death of Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.
Various factions of the group have reportedly led protest marches in a number of cities across the nation, including rallies during the St. Louis Cardinals playoff baseball game a few weeks back as well as the St. Louis Rams football game this past Sunday.
Southerners On New Ground field organizer Mary Hooks says she and other grassroots organizers helped plan the protest as part of a national week of resistance to mass incarceration and police brutality. The demonstrators are articulating their thoughts via the Twitter hashtag #blacklivesmatter.
Hooks says the protest was also meant to show solidarity with demonstrators in Ferguson, Missouri who have been protesting the shooting of Michael Brown.
Traffic was blocked for about 15 minutes toward the end of the evening rush hour.

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