T.I. calls Tiny 'disloyal' in interview, and she snaps back

Tiny and TI’s seemingly unbreakable union appears to be imploding in slow motion while we watch the debris fly in every direction.
As we digest the reports that T.I. purchased a new home in the upscale Buckhead section of Atlanta to stash his jumpoffs — and the reports that T.I. spent Mother’s Day  with one of his side pieces — Clifford Harris Jr. added kerosene on the already blazing inferno of a marriage.
In a radio interview with “DJ Whoo Kid’s Show” with Trey Songz, T.I. fired undeniable shots when Chris Brown’s hit single “Loyal” was brought up. After Trey Songz said, “These hoes ain’t loyal,” T.I. says:
“Ain’t that the g–d— truth! When they doing the remix? I’ll record that mutha—– right now!”
Just right after T.I.’s interview went blasted off into cyberspace, Tiny responded.
Take a look at how Tiny returned fire at her estranged husband:


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