LeBron James Blasted With Hilarious Memes for Losing NBA Title — Again

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You know it was coming. Yet, even though you anticipated that LeBron James would get buried alive under the avalanche of social media mockery after getting steamrolled in historic fashion in the NBA Finals, folks have gotten quite inventive and innovative with their LeBron hate.
The mimicking and spoofing of “King James” and the Miami Heat commenced long before the conclusion of the Game 5 blowout loss — again — to the San Antonio Spurs to lose the series 4 games to 1 and, in the process, run LeBron’s title-series record to a dubious 2-3.
Even for diehard LeBron and/or Miami Heat fans who are still wallowing in misery and sorrow the morning after another NBA Finals loss, these memes should bring a smile to your face.
For Lebron haters, get ready to laugh and laugh hard.
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