Keyshia Cole and Sister Neffe are at War

Fresh off of her painful divorce from former NBA star Daniel “Boobie” Gipson, the always-angry and disgruntled singer Keyshia Cole was not in the mood for any possible new drama in her life.
When new reports surfaced that Cole’s mother Frankie and sister Neffe were attempting to return to reality TV on the premise of having cameras sh0ot the family going through therapy, Cole tried to slam the breaks on the new gig.
What Cole doesn’t like is this: the premise of the show is the Coles and six other siblings being closely monitored by cameras as they undergo “an intense Family Therapy.” All the participants will live together under one roof while publicly discussing their family secrets with a psychoanalyst.
When Cole tried to block the efforts, Neffe fired a few shots at her sister, claiming that her B-level fame got to her head. Take a look at the volatile exchange below:


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