Employees Told to ‘Pray’ at Work & Say ‘I Love You’ to Mgmt or Get Fired

prayer at the office
*Some of us are fortunate to have the greatest bosses in the world, and we know it. And though we really like them a lot, and respect them to no end, its doubtful we would say, “I love you.”
That would be weird right?
Now imagine being forced to tell them that.
Even weirder.
But a lawsuit filed by the EEOC on behalf of three former employees claims just that. And if the employees didn’t comply, they would get fired.
While we can certainly relate to being grateful for having a job, the old saying, “You’ve got to take a stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything,” might certainly apply here.
The lawsuit claims a New York-based company makes employees participate in religious activities at work, and threatened to fire them if they refused.

(Harnessing Happiness Foundation)

As reported by Reuters, United Health Programs of America and its parent company, Cost Containment Group, made employees pray, thank God for their jobs, and tell managers and colleagues, “I love you.”
The practice followed a belief system called “Onionhead,” which was a doctrine created by the aunt of the company’s owner.
The EEOC cites a breach in Federal law by the company, and in an EEOC press release other activities are detailed including “group prayers, candle burning, and discussions of spiritual texts… Employees were told wear Onionhead buttons, pull Onionhead cards to place near their work stations and keep only dim lighting in the workplace. None of these practices was work-related.”
According to the press release, the EEOC states, “While religious or spiritual practices may indeed provide comfort and community to many people, it is critical to be aware that federal law prohibits employers from coercing employees to take part in them,” said EEOC senior trial attorney, Sunu P. Chandy.


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