Dwight Howard slammed with hilarious memes for allegedly chasing underage girl

Dwight-Howard-memesDwight Howard’s bevy of baby mamas, in which he is alleged to have anywhere from 6 to 9 out-of-wedlock children, can be characterized as “scandalous.”
But this latest episode in the Houston Rocket’s much maligned center can be called an outright “scandal” if any of it is remotely true.
Howard reportedly had a texting relationship with an underage high school girl.
In the text exchange, according to mediatakeout.com., there is an exchange between a young girl and one of Dwight’s friends, the girl seems to be angry because Dwight hadn’t contacted her. Her text reads:
“U played me. And u don’t even know my age. Smh. U think it’s a game. I shared things wih you that I ain’t never told anybody. U claim u ain’t have my number but u knew everybody else’s. U wanted to talk to me when u were ready. U ain’t say nothing during playoffs. Nothin after playoffs ’til now. I saw you everyday sending IG Snapchat[s]. But I ain’t exist ’til now.” 
Howard’s unidentified friend then responds:
“I did not play you, Dwight and I didn’t have your number, man I had got a new phone and then figured out how to use iCloud, that’s bold af. I talked to you everytime…” Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 1.58.24 PM
Moreover, there are Instagram photos that show Howard with young females in a hotel room with food trays. He is allegedly seen giggling in one and holding hands with a female in another.
So, with social media rules as they are in the new millennium, the public acts as the judge, jury and executioner. And they act rapidly and oftentimes ruthlessly. They didn’t wait to hear Howard’s side of the story, or even to find out to see if the above photos were photo-shopped to make him look bad. They immediately stoned Howard with innovative and hilarious Instagram memes because of his alleged sexual peculiarities.
Take a look.
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 2.04.04 PM

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