Benjamin Crump on Kendrick Johnson Case: ‘Real-Life Murder Mystery’


On the inaugural episode of “NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin, it was clear that the death of young teen Kendrick Johnson strongly resonated with listeners. Attorney Benjamin Crump, a civil rights advocate known for representing Trayvon Martin‘s family, joined the show to discuss the tragedy.

As reported, Johnson’s body was found in an upright, rolled up wrestling mat at Georgia’s Valdosta High School in January. Initially, his death was ruled accidental, but an independent autopsy suggested that Johnson died of blunt force trauma to the head. After during that second autopsy, vital organs were found to be missing and his body had been stuffed with newspapers. His family wants answers.

Crump provided more details about the condition of Johnson’s body after the first autopsy, and explained why we need to raise our voices so that justice is served for the 17-year-old:

“It is absolutely mind boggling that this is a real life murder mystery, and that’s the tragedy of it. Because it’s not a fiction that his parents sent him to school with a book bag and then the next day Kendrick was returned to them in a body bag, with the school and the medical examiner and the Sheriff’s department concluding that his death was an accident…”

Listen to Crump’s segment from the show below.

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