It is 2013 and Black America, at least at the top, seems to be doing quite well. America just inaugurated for the second time its first Black president. Pop culture features many Blacks who are among the richest and most known faces.

In the business world there are numerous successful Blacks, like Cathy Hughes, who oversees a media empire, including TV One and Radio One, and Dave Steward, who founded and runs World Wide Technology Inc., a billion-dollar company. Yet, at the same time, there are more Blacks living below the poverty line than any time in the last 52 years.

Such a disparity raises many questions, chief among them being, does the success of the 35,000 African American millionaires, prove that racism is not the barrier that so many in the Black community make it out to be?

Dennis Kimbro, author of four books, including the bestseller, Think & Grow Rich: A Black Choice, a professor at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, and an expert on economic empowerment and Blacks, believes he has the answer. He spent seven years studying and interviewing over 1,000 of the most successful African Americans in the world of business and entertainment.

Kimbro says the biggest barrier for those in the Black community who seem unable to rise out of an apparent permanent underclass, is the mindset that allows them to embrace racism.

“Mistakenly, many of those stuck in poverty fully believe and accept the idea that they are trapped by racism and as a result they refuse to accept responsibility for their own lives,” Kimbro explained. “For many who have this attitude, they only come to know a life based on a welfare culture. That is an outlook and lifestyle that is completely lacking in the laws of wealth.”

So why do some succeed and others do not? Kimbro explained: “The truth is there are a number of principles that if followed to the letter, can help almost anyone reach wealth. Many have not been exposed to these ‘secrets’ of the Black millionaires before.”

Kimbro has compiled these principles into his latest book, titled The Wealth Choice: Success Secrets of Black Millionaires, which was released this month. The book is in major bookstores everywhere or online at Amazon.com or BNN.com.

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