Educated_Black_Man.jpg, the world’s largest dating-auction website, surveyed 1,317 Atlanta females in order to determine Atlanta’s definition of “The Perfect Man” based on the following male qualities: Income, Education, Hair Color, Eye Color, Body Type, and Vice.

Female members were asked to rank the most important qualities in a man. The answers were then weighted accordingly when determining the overall value of “The Perfect Man.” In Atlanta, women believed education was the most important quality, followed by income, body type, hair color, eye color, drinking, and smoking.

“In the online dating world, ‘The Perfect Man’ transcends superficial qualities such as looks and body type,” says Brandon Wade, the CEO and founder of “Our study indicates that women look past profile pictures and also value certain intangibles when choosing a first date—success, intelligence, and social habits.”

The following qualities were weighted by importance and based on the responses of 1,317 Atlanta female members. The percentages indicate the likelihood of a first date with a woman from Atlanta. The more a man matches the most desirable qualities, the more likely a woman will date him.

The Perfect Man (% Chance for First Date)
1.) Education (27 Percent): Bachelor’s Degree
2.) Income (24 Percent): $75,000 to $100,000
3.) Body Type (23 Percent): Athletic
4.) Hair Color (12 Percent): Black Hair
5.) Eye Color (11 Percent): Brown Eyes
6.) Drinking (2 Percent): Social Drinker
7.) Smoking (1 Percent): Non-Smoker

Based on the results of this study, Atlanta’s perception of “The Perfect Man” earns $75,000 to $100,000 a year, obtained a Bachelor’s Degree, has black hair with brown eyes, an athletic build, and is a social drinker who doesn’t smoke.

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