Javon Trotter, the mother of the girl, spoke out in response to the public’s outrage, saying she’s standing behind her father and is in disbelief about the way people have reacted.

“I’m upset, I’m hurt I can’t believe that people would re-post the picture of my innocent baby and say bad things about my father who loves my baby and all kids,” she told theGrio. “He would never do anything to harm them. It’s hurtful for my whole family.”

Social media has been the platform of commentary and criticism since the picture went viral, calling him a pervert and pedophile.

Javon attempted to clarify the incident saying her father was in the whirlpool Jacuzzi in the bathroom when the granddaughter walked in and asked her mother if she could join him. She then said her father and daughter put on swim trunks before getting in the water. Javon says she was present for the few minutes her daughter was in the water.

“I don’t understand – it doesn’t look bad. I would [have] never thought he would do anything [inappropriate],” she contends. “I don’t know why people would think this way. I know my father and he would never do anything to his kids.”

Bishop Larry Trotter of Sweet Holy Spirit Church in Chicago is defending himself against claims that he took an inappropriate picture of himself taking a bubble bath with his four-year-old granddaughter.

Trotter recently shut down his Instagram and Facebook pages after receiving a plethora of negative messages stemming from the photograph of he and his granddaughter in a tub. The bishop recently spoke to the “John Hannah Morning Show” on iHeart Radio where he explained the photograph that had people in an uproar.

“Javon took a picture, who is her mother, and one of my family members who has access to my Instagram and Facebook put it out there and I said ‘that’s paw paw’s first lady’. So it was a totally innocent thing. I know some people never bathe with their kids, I’ve bathed with all of mine. When I was coming up, we shared bath water, I’m not ashamed of what I did, I am ashamed and hurt that it has gone out across the world and people have called me everything from a child molester to a pedophile to a nasty old man and that I should get out of the ministry… the vulgarities have just been terrible,”

This has been a busy week! It should be noted that has refused to post the picture.

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