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    Chance The Rapper Talks Chicago’s Gun Violence and Friend’s Death

    *Chance The Rapper opened up about the inspiration behind his mixtape hit, “Paranoia,” and Chicago’s gun violence on the CNN documentary series, “Chicagoland.” “There’s a lot of Chicago influence that I put into the music—Soul, Jazz influence, Rock influence, House music—just a lot of sounds that stem from Chicago, the Chicago Hip Hop scene,” he […]

    (WATCH) the First Look of ‘Mary Mary’ Season Four Drama

    *The hit show, “Mary Mary,” based on the group is returning for its fourth season, and from the looks of the trailer, there will be plenty of drama. Tina and Erica Campbell are rebuilding their relationship. Although, the former is still resentful of the latter going solo and releasing an album, “Help.” But according to WE […]