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The National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame Foundation to host 30th Annual Alumni Hall of Fame Weekend Celebration
This year’s 30th annual Alumni Hall of Fame Weekend Celebration will include a star-studded lineup. Will Packer, producer of such hit movies as Takers, Stomp…
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Teen kills himself while taking selfies
HOUSTON — A Texas man is dead after police reported that he shot himself while taking “selfies” as he was holding a gun pointed at…
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Gov. Deal wants to spend $50 more on pre-K programs
Early childhood education connoisseurs back Gov. Deal’s bold proposal to spend $50 million to halt the trend of Georgia’s pre-kindergarten programs that increased class sizes and cut…
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Atlanta Streetcar announces new leadership
ATLANTA – The Atlanta Streetcar has suffered a bumpy ride in its embryonic stages. But it hopes to make things smoother with the influx of…


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Emmy award winning Joan Collaso at African Arts Festival
Emmy award winning Joan Collaso at African Arts Festival Emmy award winner and international vocalist, Joan Collaso, will grace this years 26 Annual  African Festival…
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Queen Serena in Grand Slam Goddess Mode
  by Kai EL’ Zabar U.S. Open Day One Monday 9.31.15 Gracing the cover of Vogue earlier this year postured Serena  for the big win…


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Usain Bolt mowed down by segway (WATCH)
Man down! Man down! Actually it’s two mans down. OK, OK, we’re just trying to be funny ’cause we know it’s 2 men down. Anyway,…
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NBA legend Darryl Dawkins dead at 58
  Darryl Dawkins, the colorful and bombastic and backboard-busting center for the Philadelphia 76ers in the late 1970s and early 1980s, has died at the…


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Roland Martin Urges Bill O’Reilly To “Shut The Hell Up” Over Vow To Shut Down #BlackLivesMatter
NewsOne Now's Roland Martin said the Fox News host should "shut the hell up" after his vow to put the protest movement out of business. Then he issued a challenge. Tune in to TV One Thursday at ( a.m ET to see the next round.
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TV One/ Poll: 72 Percent Of Black Parents Favor Charter Schools
Cornell Belcher discusses polling data showing that 72 percent of Black parents favor charter schools.
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#BlackLivesMatter Activist Responds To Bill O’Reilly’s Vow To Put Them “Out Of Business”
Activist Erika Totten joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss O'Reilly putting the #BlackLivesMatter movement "out of business."
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Most Trump Supporters Believe Obama Is A Muslim Not Born In U.S.; Clinton Unveils Anti-Substance Abuse Plan
A poll released Tuesday shows a large swath of Republicans voters believe President Obama is indeed Muslim and was born outside of the
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NEWS ROUNDUP: President Obama Secures Iran Deal…AND MORE
According to reports, President Obama has received enough votes to move forward with his Iran nuclear deal.
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Watch: Bill O’Reilly Threatens To Put #BlackLivesMatter “Out Of Business”
Calling it a "hate group," conservative Fox News host Bill O'Reilly on Monday pledged to dismantle the Black Lives Matter movement.


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George Zimmerman selling Confederate Flag paintings at ‘Muslim-free’ gun store
Really, George? Georga Zimmerman, the man who ambushed and fatally shot Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla. in 2012, is now selling Confederate flag paintings out…
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Rachel Dolezal says Black identity is not a costume
In mid-June when Rachel Dolezal was asked on camera, “Are you African-American?” she was left speechless, hesitant and caught off guard. After claiming to misunderstand…


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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries: Good or Bad?
                        E NOTES By Kai EL’ Zabar Defender Executive Editor Medical Marijuana Dispensaries: Good…
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Houston Teen Accidentally Kills Himself While Taking Selfie With A Gun
A family in Houston is mourning the loss of their 19-year-old son, who accidentally killed himself while taking a selfie with a loaded gun. Deleon…


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Christians sound off on premarital sex
Due to societal changes, casual sex has become a norm. Sexual images are seen on social media, portrayed on television and in music. From a…
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Bishop Comes Out As Gay
Bishop Kevin Kanouse, head of the Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana area of the Evangelical Lutheran Church America released a letter to church leaders explaining his announcement. The…


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Ten years after Katrina: Soledad O’Brien recounts devastation in New Orleans
Renowned journalist Soledad O’Brien joined Roland Martin Monday on NewsOne Now to discuss the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and what has changed since the…
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Becoming Belafonte: Author details rise of Civil Rights icon
Author Judith E. Smith talks with NewsOne Now guest host Mo Ivory about her new book, Becoming Belafonte: Black Artist, Public Radical. Smith explained she…
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CNN shocked no violence at ‘Straight Outta Compton’ screenings
There’s been no reports of any shootings, stabbings or killings during Straight Outta Compton‘s opening weekend. Shocking, right? If you think yes, then CNN is right…


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My Black History: Keeping it real in school and life
In the spring of 1968, while growing up in Indianapolis, my mother scooped up me and my three younger siblings and told us that she…


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Planned Parenthood preys on Blacks to ‘control population’
The Washington Post fact checks the GOP presidential candidate's claim about Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood's founder.
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Min. Paul Scott/Straight Outta Con Man: Exposin’ the truth about NWA
“Fool me one time shame on you/Fool me twice can’t put the blame on you”  (No Role Modelz)  – J Cole I’d be lying to…







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Best of MTV VMA 2015 red carpet
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Terri Vaughn, Lisa Wu, Brad James at ‘Girlfriends Getaway 2’ premiere in Atlanta
Kandi Burruss shows off baby bump with Todd Tucker
Lupita Nyong’o shows off new Afro look