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    Georgia inmate beaten and dog-collared, exposing gross prison negligence
    FORSYTHE, Ga. — The posting of a cellphone photo showing a young man being beaten and then collared as if he were a pet has…
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    Atlanta teen who received heart transplant is killed in police car chase
    There is a reason why Atlanta hospital officials initially refused to grant Anthony Stokes a heart transplant. The troubled teen, 17, had a thick juvenile rap sheet…
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    Georgia House passes Strip Club Bill
    ATLANTA — The Georgia House of Representatives passed a constitutional amendment charging strip clubs to provide services for victims of child sexual abuse. Here’s how the…
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    Policeman who fatally shot Nicholas Thomas was previously arrested for violence
    SMYRNA, Ga. — At a fiery rally and vigil for slain unarmed black man Nicholas Thomas, one of the demonstrators exclaimed that, since the police and…


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    Modern American gastropub to open in First National Building in downtown detroit
    Local entrepreneurs Dennis Archer, Jr. and Christopher Brochert, with partner and general manager, Ken Karam, have announced plans to open Central Kitchen + Bar, a…
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    New Detroit to conduct business education seminars for small business owners
    New Detroit, Inc. will conduct a series of business education seminars for small businesses owners in April and May to provide help with such topics…


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    Funniest memes about Steph Curry crossing over Chris Paul (video)
    LOS ANGELES — Because of NBA superstar Steph Curry, we have now entered a new era of “posterizing” players. Yesteryear, the idea of “posterizing” players was…
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    Muhammad Ali is on Manny Pacquiao’s side for the big fight
    Floyd Mayweather has a lot of people on his side for his upcoming superfight against Manny Pacquiao. To the surprise of a few, Muhammad Ali isn’t one of them.…


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    Arkansas Lawmakers Slow Their Roll After Uproar Over Indiana’s Anti-Gay Bill
    In the calamitous aftermath of Indiana’s “Religious Freedom Act,” Arkansas Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson has asked state lawmakers to redraft a similar bill in his…
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    Phenomenal Theater: Maya Angelou Play In Development
    Tavis Smiley is bringing Maya Angelou’s legacy to the stage in an upcoming play about her life. She’s got a hip-hop album, and a stamp,…
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    Let Me Take A Selfie: Chris Rock Snaps Shots When Stopped By Cops
    Chris Rock has documented every single time he’s been pulled over by the police in the last two months. It’s almost monthly occurrence. The “Top…
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    Did Beyoncé Tease New Track In Selfie With Blue Ivy?
    There’s a good chance that Beyoncé just slipped her fans an Easter Egg on Instagram! The “Flawless” diva posted a super-cute clip of her and…
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    Georgia Senate passes ‘Todd Gurley’ bill for athletes
    ATLANTA — A predatory booster and sports memorabilia dealer enticed former Georgia Bulldogs superstar running back Todd Gurley into an illicit money-making autograph deal, only to…
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    For the first time in history, Chicago’s historic Chicago Defender newspaper and WVON 1690AM radio station are working together to distribute an authentic poll that…


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    What are we going to do with the N-Word?
    Conversations about the N-word can be tiresome. Should we say it? Can White people say it? Will it always have hurtful connotations attached to it? Is…
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    Don Lemon defends N-Word singing Oklahoma Frat Mom
    CNN anchor Don Lemon, who made a Columbia Journalism Review list of “worst journalism of 2014,” has done it again. Saying she was just singing…


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    Lifestyles Report…Beware of sites bearing gifts
    I’ve always believed myself to be a pretty savvy shopper. I frequently leave the house in smashing outfits that average out to be $20 or…
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    Man Arrested In New Jersey Dies In Police Custody
    A New Jersey man arrested Tuesday morning has died in police custody, NBC 10 reports. A witness says police were extremely physical with 32-year-old Phillip White during the…


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    First Look: To Hell And Back
    A modern telling of The Book of Job, this film stars Ernie Hudson as a man who loses everything except his faith. Watch below a…
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    Roma Downey and Mark Burnett on diversity casting in new Bible series
    There is a hot topic bubbling in Hollywood. It is the topic of diversity. For many years there was little to no color. Although, Hollywood…


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    My Black History: Keeping it real in school and life
    In the spring of 1968, while growing up in Indianapolis, my mother scooped up me and my three younger siblings and told us that she…


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    How America is at war with Black women
    In celebration of Women’s History month, we revisit a timely and deeply personal essay by journalist Jennifer Marby outlining why equal opportunity in 21st Century America…
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    Georgia’s first Asian American Superior Court judge makes mark in history
    The Hon. Meng H. Lim became the first elected Asian American Superior Court judge in Georgia on July 22. Judge Lim was sworn in as…
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    Holder’s Nation of Equals
    After his departure, America will perhaps not have another attorney general like Eric Holder in a long time. Maybe the standard he set at the…


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    Should Black Americans be Liberals?
    Should Black Americans be Liberals? The concept is one of the many deceptions that have been perpetuated against blacks and other minority groups for some…
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    The Courts Can Outlaw Racist Policies, But They Can’t Eliminate Racism [OPINION]
    Sixty years after the Brown v. Board of Education decision, education inequalities still exist. What did we really achieve through integration and how do we…







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    Best behind-the-scenes photos from Jay Z’s TIDALforALL press conference
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    Claudia Jordan’s long list of alleged ex-lovers and boyfriends
    Many celebrities help legendary Congressman John Lewis celebrate 75th birthday
    Easter-inspired manicures