Stacey Abrams Takes Aim At Project 2025 And Republican Efforts To Destroy DEI

Project 2025 will seek to change the trajectory of America, in a negative way. The proposed presidential transition project lays out a game plan for Donald Trump to enact during the first 180 days if re-elected president. 

Spearheaded by The Heritage Foundation, Project 2025 is led by two former Trump administration officials, Paul Dans and Spencer Chretien. 

Stacey Abrams recently took aim at Project 2025 and the consequences that it could have across the board. 

“What Project 2025 seeks to do is dismantle diversity, equity and inclusion in all its forms, meaning they want to be able to dismantle access to equity, diversity and inclusion,” Abrams said during the Global Black Economic Forum. “They want to get rid of the Department of Education. Do you know why? Because under Title One, expanded access to education ensures that Black and brown children finally got an education in this country. They know that if you have a President Trump, we’re in a permanent situation. With President Biden, we will have access to health care. They want to get rid of that. We have a president who will make sure Obamacare continues and fight to fund. Our rights are preserved when we win this election. Our best answer for Project 2025 is President Joe Biden.”

Abrams also shared information on how Republicans are seeking to destroy diversity, equity, and inclusion. Over the past few years, organizations have began to shift away from DEI following the Supreme Court’s decision to take down Affirmative Action in higher education in 2023. 

Following the ruling, right-wing figure Edward Blum sued the Fearless Fund which seeks to grant funding for Black women business owners. Blum claimed that the fund was a form of discrimination since it only secured funding for Black women. 

A three-judge panel, two judges appointed by Donald Trump and one by President Barack Obama, ruled 2-1 that Fearless Fund is not protected by the First Amendment in its efforts to provide grants for Black women in business. 

The court ruled that the Fearless Fund violated the 1866 Civil Rights Act which prohibits the use of race in making contracts. The original law was issued to remedy discrimination against Black Americans post-slavery. 

“There are two different courts that have said two completely different things,” Abrams said. “But what the business community has done is to try to defend a terrible policy. We’ve got to call them out because the law didn’t change. There is no law in place. There is no judgment. No final determination that says that you cannot allocate funds. It’s a business decision. And that business decision is a protective decision. The law did not change we have not lost. But what is happening is that they are bullying their way into forcing or not forcing companies to take action.”

Following the George Floyd uprising in 2020, multiple corporate entities made pledges to increase DEI efforts and donate funds to Black organizations. Four years later, Abrams urges Americans to hold companies accountable if they seek to diminish DEI within their organizations. 

“If you spend money in America, we have the ability to hold accountable those companies that are retreating from their commitments,” Abrams said. “We’re telling corporations you don’t have the right to walk away from us. They should do right by America, which includes Black America.”

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