Usher Vows To Highlight Atlanta Culture During Super Bowl Halftime Show

“It wasn’t easy to do, but I turned Vegas into Atlanta,” Usher revealed while in Las Vegas for his highly-anticipated Super Bowl Halftime Show. 

In the days leading up to the big game and performance, it has become evident that Atlanta culture will play a prominent role during Usher’s set. 

Although born in Dallas, Usher moved to Atlanta at 12-years-old with his mother and younger brother to pursue a career in music. It was the correct decision as Usher came of age in Atlanta during a time when the city’s music scene began to flourish. 

With the exposure provided by LaFace Records, spearheaded by L.A. Reid and Babyface, multiple artists from Atlanta such OutKast, TLC, and Toni Braxton all experienced worldwide success. Usher arguably shined the brightest. 

The city of Atlanta would shape Usher’s upbringing and rise to becoming one of the most celebrated entertainers of this generation. 

“That was the influence that Atlanta has had on me,” Usher shared during the press conference. “So much so that I collected everything that I experienced and I’ve benefited from in Atlanta. And I brought that culture to Las Vegas. And now to the rest of the world with the Super Bowl Halftime Show.”

During the Super Bowl Halftime Show, Usher will only have to 13 minutes to give the world Atlanta and his journey through music.

“It definitely has been a challenge to squeeze 30 years into 30 minutes,” Usher said. “You know this is when these fantasy lists that have been going out, and people trying to figure out what song I’m gonna perform first, middle, and last. And who’s going to come on the stage. I was very mindful of my past and celebrating my present, which is here in Las Vegas. And I’m thinking about where we’re headed in the future. And that was really the idea. What songs do I feel people know me for? What songs have been a celebration of all of the journey of what life and love and emotion has been offered in music? I thought about a few moments that was special in dance. I thought about some things that I had created here in Las Vegas and to be able to share that with the world.”

Usher also revealed that his entire Super Bowl journey is being captured by a film crew that will soon present a documentary of this moment. 

And while Atlanta culture will be prominent throughout his show, Usher continued to give props to Las Vegas for playing an important role in his career. 

“It was great that Jay-Z and the Super Bowl would have me entertain the world,” Usher said. “Las Vegas has been amazing for me. Having 100 sold out shows in a residency and to have the next one, be the crescendo, which is the Super Bowl. It’s really given my time in Las Vegas an incredible button at the end.”

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