T.I. Tiny and King Harris’ Family Feud Comes to a Head [Video]

There is dissension in the ranks, as T.I. and Tiny Harris’ son King Harris continues to rub his famous father the wrong way, and Tip has had it. The rebellious heir to the Harris fortune is apparently confusing his father’s fame with his own accomplishments or lack thereof. Recently the younger Harris got into a tiff with Tip at an Atlanta Falcons game on Nov. 26 and his dad decided to show who the real king of the Harris household is.

Harris, filmed himself arguing with his parents during the Falcons’ gridiron grudge match against archrival New Orleans Saints and there was just as much heat off the court as on with members of the Harris clan involved in a very public, but personal argument.

While most onlookers couldn’t get a fix on why the father and son were arguing so vehemently, King was heard repeatedly accusing his father of not respecting him.

The over indulged son and his obnoxiously inflated ego have gained a less than positive reputation for his mistreatment of those with less, particular restaurant staff and employees. In May the  upstart exceptionally rude has in the past been publicly inappropriate, having a propensity to embarrass and disparage service staff. Witness accounts to the incident quote King as saying: ““Everything you make, I can pull out my pocket right now,” he said, before taking out a stack of cash. “I’m not tripping on you. I’m not talking to you.” Those eyewitness statements are born out by the fact that Harris filmed his tirade.

Mom Tiny was so appalled by her son’s behavior at the family outing for the Falcons’ celebration of the 50th anniversary of hip-hop at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, that she exposed to the audience and fans that King sucked on a pacifier until he was 12 years old.

At one point, T.I. tries to reason with his son to calm down, telling him repeatedly that “you are embarrassing yourself right now,” but to little avail as King Harris’ voice ratcheted up even more.

Though the video is obscured at the end, King Harris seemingly yells at his father to “get off me,” to which Tip tells his son, ‘Boy, can’t do nothing with me! There ain’t s— you can do with me.’



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