NAACP Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner Headlined by Georgia Sen. Warnock

Sunday, the Detroit Branch NAACP gears up for their 68th Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner at Huntington Place in downtown Detroit. The dinner is an annual joining of community leaders to continue the fight for freedom and justice.

The Detroit Branch NAACP is home to one of the premier events in the world, the annual Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner. The Detroit Branch NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner provides its guests with a first-class meal, top notch entertainment, and some of the world’s renowned keynote speakers.

The Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner was launched in April 1956 under the leadership of Branch President Edward M. Turner, Arthur L. Johnson, and Dr. Lionel F. Swan. The Freedom Fund Dinner was founded in a period of renewed national hope and determination among Black Americans, even in the face of continuing racial violence and tragedy.

We are still fighting today for freedom and justice.

Reason why the Detroit NAACP continues on the legacy of breaking bread with trailblazers who share the same mission – the advancement of civil rights and progression of Black peopel.

Tonight’s keynote speaker will be Senator (D) Rev. Raphael G. Warnock.

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