Shannon Sharpe Frustrated With Skip Bayless Over Insensitive Tweet About Damar Hamlin

Skip Bayless continues to face backlash over his insensitive tweet about Damar Hamlin. On the night that Hamlin endured a cardiac arrest on the football field, Bayless tweeted, “No doubt the NFL is considering postponing the rest of the game- but how? This late in the season, a game of this magnitude is crucial to the regular season outcome…which suddenly seems so irrelevant.”

Bayless would immediately receive backlash for the tweet as many viewed it as putting the importance of an NFL game over a human life. On the following day, Bayless’ co-host Shannon Sharpe decided not to show up to work for their sports debate show, “Undisputed.” Bayless would do the show alone issues somewhat of an apology.

On Jan. 4, Sharpe would return to the show and share his perspective on the Hamlin situation. He started by discussing how the incident impacted him because his brother, Sterling Sharpe, was temporarily paralyzed from a hit. 

Sharpe would then say that he decided not to show up for work the previous day because he didn’t want the focus to be about Bayless’ tweet, instead of Hamlin. Sharpe said he hopes that Bayless would take down the tweet and he was immediately  interrupted by Bayless who said he stands by the tweet. 

The intense moment between the two only ended after Sharpe asked the show’s moderator to move on to the next subject of the show. 

View the controversial moment below. 

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