Republicans Weaponize Stacey Abrams’ Wealth While Ignoring Gov. Brian Kemp’s Finances

Stacey Abrams is facing backlash from Republicans due to her personal success. Georgia’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate has been called out by right-wing media outlets such as Fox News and Free Beacon.

Abrams’ newfound wealth is being used against her by Republicans who want to paint her as a candidate who is out of touch with the average voter in Georgia.

Over the past four years, Abrams’ wealth has grown significantly following her decision to run for Governor in 2018. Although she lost to Brian Kemp by 54,000 votes, she became a national political figure.

In 2018, her net worth was $109,000, but it has since grown to $3.2 million. Her popularity has allowed her to sell more books and command a hire fee when she does speaking engagements. She’s also part-owner of several companies. Through publishing, Abrams earned $2 million by writing a children’s book, a politically-focused book, and a motivational book.

And her fee for speaking engagements grew from $254,192 in 2019 to $1.1 million in 2021.

But while her success is being weaponized against her, Gov. Kemp has yet to face similar backlash. Mostly earned through real estate investments, Kemp’s net worth is $8.6 million. Since he took office, Kemp’s wealth has grown by over $3 million.

However, Kemp has yet to face the scrutiny that Abrams has encountered.

The politics of calling out the faults of one candidate while ignoring similar issues from another will continue to take place until election day in November.




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