Dr. Rashad Richey Pays Graduation Fees for High School Graduates at Atlanta’s Phoenix Academy

Dr. Rashad Richey Pays Graduation Fees for High School Graduates at Atlanta’s

Phoenix Academy

Richey pays graduation fees for graduating seniors

Award-winning television and radio personality Dr. Rashad Richey today announced that he has paid the graduation fees for graduating seniors at Phoenix Academy. The school, located in Atlanta, opened in 2019 to merge programs for “non-traditional” students, including those in danger of not graduating. The student population at Phoenix Academy includes teen moms, foster kids, homeless students and students who fell behind or struggled at their home high schools.

“The graduating seniors at Phoenix Academy have beaten the odds and I wanted to let them know how proud I am of their success,” said Dr. Richey. “Now, more than ever, we need to wrap our arms around our most vulnerable. I am confident that these students will go on and be incredible leaders in their communities and among their peers.”

Partner organization Breaking the Chains Worldwide, Inc. has worked with Phoenix Academy for several years and their efforts have raised attendance by 30% – 50%. The organization provides creative youth mentoring, emergency relief, and youth entrepreneurship programs to at-risk youth. They also provide creative arts STEAM programs that simultaneously provide mental wellness, trauma healing, and education.

“We thank Dr. Richey for his continued support for our youth and his leadership across multiple platforms. The students and staff are excited about his generous gift”, said Shar Bates, founder and president of Breaking the Chains Worldwide, Inc.

Students at Phoenix Academy come from the following Atlanta Public Schools:

  • Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School 
  • Frederick Douglass High School
  • Benjamin E. Mays High School
  • G.W. Carver Early College High School (Atlanta)
  • G.W. Carver STEAM High School (Atlanta)
  • South Atlanta High School
  • North Atlanta High School
  • B.E.S.T. Academy
  • Maynard Jackson High School
  • KIPP Academy
  • Booker T. Washington High School
  • Coretta Scott King Leadership Academy
  • Midtown High School

Dr. Richey is the founder of the The Rashad Richey Foundation where he works with young people who have been traditionally marginalized by societal biases.

He is an Emmy-nominated television political analyst and award-winning national talk radio personality for The Rashad Richey Morning Show. Richey is also America’s youngest inductee into the National Black Radio Hall of Fame and anchors the daily TV news program, ‘Indisputable With Dr. Rashad Richey’ on the TYT Network, where he was recently ranked as the “fastest-growing television news show in America”. Richey, a university professor who believes in the power of education, routinely provides leadership nationally on social and policy-related matters.  He is also President of Rolling Out, the largest Black-owned free print urban publication in the country.





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