Dr. Jamal Bryant Leads Prayer for African Students Trapped in Ukraine

Dr. Jamal Bryant Leads Prayer for African Students Trapped in Ukraine

Dr. Promise Isaac Sheds Light on Plight of African Students being Stopped at Poland and Hungary Borders

[Atlanta, GA] New Birth Senior Pastor Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant led a prayer and call to action on Feb. 27, to support thousands of African students currently trapped in Ukraine amid the recent Russian invasion. Dr. Promise Isaac, a Nigerian-born medical doctor and faith leader currently residing in Ukraine, contacted Dr. Bryant via Instagram with a request to help amplify the critical need to assist African students attempting to cross the board to enter Poland and Hungary.

“As we watch brutal Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin, wage war on the people of Ukraine, we cling to scripture which declares that God is a present help in times of trouble. We are called to not only pray but to move to action to support those under siege,” said Dr. Bryant.  “As so many are trapped and being denied passage to safer lands, we call on people of conscience to urge our government and leaders from across the globe to exhaust all diplomatic and economic strategies to end this tragedy.  Our prayers are with all those impacted, and we stand firmly with the people of Ukraine.”

To view the recent prayer and discussion on Instagram, click here. The discussion includes commentary from Dr. Bryant, Dr. Isaac, and a local Nigerian student and concludes with a prayer from Dr. Bryant. Russian translators are also included in the online prayer and call to action.


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