Young Dolph’s Team Rallies Together To Finish Memphis Charity Event

Photo: Getty Images

In the wake of the tragic loss of Young Dolph, his team pulled together to finish what the rapper started.

On Friday (November 19), reps from Dolph’s label, Paper Route, gave out hundreds of turkeys to Memphis families in need, an event that the rapper had planned as part of his return home.

According to TMZ, Dolph was originally scheduled to show up to the turkey giveaway on Wednesday (November 17) but was tragically gunned down inside of a cookie shop hours before.

While the sting of Dolph’s death is fresh, his team gave away groceries to carry out the act of kindness the late rapper planned as part of a week-long series of holiday give-back events.

Dolph had previously established the IdaMae Family Foundation, named in honor of his grandmother, to “continue her legacy of philanthropy, volunteerism, and service,” the non-profit’s website reads.

Sources close to the event told TMZ Dolph would’ve wanted the event to go on for the families despite his absence.

Young Dolph died this week at the age of 36 after two armed men opened fire on him at Makeda’s Cookies –– a local spot he apparently frequented on his trips back to Memphis.

Authorities released surveillance photos of the suspects, but no arrests have been made.


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