Fulton Commissioners to require COVID vaccinations

Fulton Commissioners Approve Employee Vaccine Protocols

Board approves plan to require COVID vaccinations and testing for staff

On September 1, Fulton County Board of Commissioners approved a new “Vax or Test” policy requiring employees to get tested or vaccinated for COVID-19. Starting next week, employees who have not yet submitted their proof of COVID-19 vaccination must submit a negative COVID-19 test each week.

“The highest priority of this government is the health and wellbeing of our workforce and our residents,” says Fulton County Commission Chairman Robb Pitts. “COVID-19 is a serious matter, and this policy institutes serious consequences for those who are unvaccinated or are unwilling to be tested each week.”

Starting September 6, 2021, Fulton County will require all County employees, as a condition of employment, to either be vaccinated against COVID-19 or be tested weekly for COVID-19. This condition of employment is mandatory unless an employee is granted a reasonable accommodation or when otherwise not permitted by law.

After October 3rd, Non-vaccinated employees that fail to provide proof weekly will be subject to suspension and potential dismissal.

Additional incentives have already been provided to encourage employees to get vaccinated. These include a vaccine incentive payment to staff who have been vaccinated and can show proof of that vaccination. Masks are also required for all employees and members of the public in indoor settings, regardless of whether or not they have been vaccinated.

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