Qualifying Candidates Set for 2021 City of Atlanta Municipal Election

Qualifying candidates have been set for the 2021 City of Atlanta Municipal General Election slated for Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021. If necessary, a run-off election will be held Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021.

All candidates are displayed in the order in which they qualified. The official ballot will be in alphabetical order. Those qualifying are:


Felicia Moore

Kasim Reed

Mark Hammad

Kenny Hill

Sharon Gay

Andre Dickens

Walter Reeves

Richard N. Wright

Rebecca L. King

Glenn S. Wrightson

Nolan English

Roosevelt Searles III

Antonio Brown

Kirsten Dunn

Council President    

Sam Manuel

Mike Russell

Courtney English

Doug Shipman

Natalyn Mosby Archibong

Council Post 1 At-Large Seat         

Michael Julian Bond

Jereme Sharpe

Alfred “Shivy” Brooks

Brandon Cory Goldberg

Todd A. Gray

Council Post 2 At-Large Seat

Matt Westmoreland

Sonya Russell-Ofchus

Council Post 3 At-Large Seat         

Jacki Labat

Keisha Sean Waites

Ralph Long

Sherry B. Williams

Jodi Merriday

Council District 1 Seat        

Victor D. Tate

Clarence Blalock

Kelly-Jeanne Lee

Russell Hopson

Nathan Clubb

Jason Winston

Council District 2 Seat        

Amir Farokhi

Council District 3 Seat

Byron Amos

Brandon Graham

Elijah Porter

Keona Jones

Ken Wainwright

Erika Estrada

Council District 4 Seat

Cleta Winslow

Larry B. Carter, II

Kim Scott

Jason Dozier

Rogelio Arcila

DeBorah “Sister” Williams

Council District 5 Seat

Liliana Bakhtiari

Katrina “Katie” Kissel

Doug Williams

Amanda “Mandy” Mahoney

Samuel Bacote

Council District 6 Seat

Justin A. Critz

Courtney Jenee DeDi

Alex Wan

Kathryn Voelpel

Council District 7 Seat

Howard Shook


Council District 8 Seat

Mary Norwood

Council District 9 Seat

Dustin Hillis

Devin “Barrington” Ward

Council District 10 Seat

Andrea L. Boone

Jason Hudgins

Council District 11 Seat

Marci Collier Overstreet

Ron Shakir

Council District 12 Seat

Antonio Lewis

Jenne Shepherd

Joyce Sheperd

Board of Education Member District 1

Wykeisha Howe

Katie Howard

Board of Education Member District 2

Bethsheba “Queen Sheba” Rem

Aretta Baldon

Keisha Carey

Board of Education Member District 3

Michelle Olympiadis

Board of Education Member District 4

Jennifer McDonald

Mikayla Arciaga

Board of Education Member District 5

Erika Y. Mitchell

Raynard Johnson

Board of Education Member District 6

Eshe Collins

Patreece Hutcherson

Board of Education Member District 7 At-Large

Kanesha “KaCey” Venning

Stephen Spring

Patricia “Granny P” Crayton

Tamara Jones

Royce Carter Mann

Board of Education Member District 8 At-Large

Keedar Whittle

Cynthia Briscoe-Brown

Board of Education Member District 9 At-Large

Jason F. Esteves

D’Jaris “DJ” James

Jason B. Allen


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