Atlanta physicians address vaccine deliberation

About 30% of people in America ages 12 and up have chosen not to be vaccinated yet, according to the CDC. For many who have been vaccinated, this choice may seem baffling, misguided, even unfathomable. But the nuanced and human collection of reasons are behind most people’s deliberations on whether to get vaccinated.

In an effort to widen the scope of understanding, the nonprofit Gold Foundation is releasing a webinar this week: “Breaking Down Barriers Brick by Brick: Addressing Vaccine Deliberation.” (We aren’t using the term “hesitation,” on guidance from one of our expert physician Board members.) The webinar shares wisdom and non-shaming, humanistic guidance around vaccinate deliberation from two Atlanta-physicians, Dr. Kimberly Manning and Dr. Valeria Cantos, in conversation with Barbara Humpton, CEO of Siemens Corp.

Dr. Manning is a Professor at Emory University School of Medicine, internist at Grady Hospital in Atlanta, on the Board of the Gold Foundation, and a popular voice of humanistic medical expertise on Twitter at @gradydoctor. Dr. Cantos, who is from Ecuador, is an Assistant Professor at Emory University School of Medicine and served as the principal investigator on COVID-19 vaccine trials.

Their frank guidance is illuminating:

“You know, sometimes doctors, we get so excited about the numbers and efficacy and safety and fancy words. That’s what tickles us. But for most of us, for most of the community, they want to know, so if I get the community, one, will it work? Two, will I be safe? Three, how would that impact my life? How would that impact what I do? So, that’s the information that we that we need to focus on and provide.” – Dr. Cantos

 “Sometimes I found as a Black American that the conversation or discussion will go to, ‘Hey, tell me what should I say to Black people to get them vaccinated? What should I tell them? What should be the magic words? And the magic words are, ‘Do you wish to be vaccinated?’ or ‘How do you feel about the vaccine?’ And when they tell you how they feel, the next step is to then dig deeper into what’s important for them.” – Dr. Manning

 The Gold Foundation is a nonprofit that champions humanism in healthcare defined as compassionate, collaborative, scientifically excellent care. Siemens Healthineers is a member of the Gold Corporate Council, a group of leading healthcare companies that support the Gold Foundation’s mission of humanism in healthcare.

You can access this webinar on the Gold Foundation website here. We hope this webinar informs your ongoing coverage by providing expert opinions.

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