The Power of Us: Confronting a Nation in Denial

We stand at a pivotal time in history, where the “Power of Us”, the collective energy and wisdom of our community, can be the difference between a step back in time or a step into the future. We are confronted with a nation in denial, that has cast a willful blind eye to reality.

The list of denials plaguing America is exhausting:

The denial that voting is a right given by the Constitution of the United States of America, despite Republican legislative attacks across the country.

The denial that our educational system is stuck in a time warp, where school is dismissed two hours before most parents get off work.

The denial that climate change exists, even as natural disasters threaten America in the form of hurricanes, wild fires, and biblical flooding.

The denial that we must compensate teachers adequately so they can nurture and grow our future workforce and leaders.

The denial that America was not built by white people; but by a multitude of races and ethnicities from our inventions to our slave labor.

The denial that crumbling infrastructure is hobbling America, whether it is roads and bridges or the need for nationwide internet access/broadband.

The denial that healthcare, like education, is a fundamental right and there should be access to blanket affordable healthcare for all.

The denial that COVID-19 vaccinations should be mandated the same way we mandate driver’s licenses and kids’ vaccinations to keep our nation protected.

We are a nation in denial. Why? Because self-centeredness has trumped the importance of the greater good.

The question is: Do you want others to make the decisions that impact your life, your job, your health, your children, your money and your existence?

Silence is unacceptable. Sitting on the sidelines claiming “that does not impact me” is unacceptable.


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