Today Fulton Commissioners start considering how to spend $206 million in federal Rescue funds [video]

Today Fulton County starts considering how to spend $206 million in federal Rescue funds Commission set to vote on Commissioner Khadijah’s Resolution that provides home mortgage aid, small business help, youth jobs and funds for arts community Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman is the sponsor of the Resolution on today’s Board of Commissioners agenda, that will authorize acceptance of the funds and provide directives to the County manager and staff to quickly develop a funds-utilization and -dissemination plan.
Analyses indicate that Fulton stands to receive as much as $206 million from the Act.

Among other things, to recover from the adverse impacts of the pandemic, the Resolution also calls
for spending some of those millions of dollars on:

1. Home-mortgage assistance for homeowners
2. Grants to small businesses with less than 30 employees
3. Pay raises for all Fulton County employees
4. Summer youth and young-adult jobs
5. Arts funding for programs and services

The BOC meeting, as usual, will be carried live via stream and on the County’s YouTube channel.

Fulton Government Television YouTube.
FGTV Live Stream.

Click this link to read/download Meeting Agenda.



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