Jamie Foxx reveals why he cried at George Floyd Protests [watch]

Actors Jamie Foxx and Dominique Fishback, who are starring in the new movie “Project Power,” spoke with “Extra’s” Cheslie Kryst about the film and about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Foxx attended several protests after George Floyd was killed. He shared, “I’ve been going to protests since Rodney King, unfortunately. I think this eight minutes and 46 seconds of this man’s life that played out in front of the whole world changed us forever.”

“What encouraged me and brought tears to my eyes?… I saw all these white people screaming, ‘Black lives matter!'” Foxx commented. “We all teared up. I will let people know every chance I get — the protest is real.”

In “Project Power,” Foxx is playing a former soldier who teams up with a cop and a teenage drug dealer after a pill that gives users unpredictable superpowers shows up on the streets of New Orleans.

Jamie said, “It’s like a throwback to the ‘Incredible Hulk’ TV series; it was about a man who has this burning journey that he has… We don’t know that his daughter is caught up in this, his daughter is patient zero.”

Praising Dominique, who plays the drug dealer, Jamie saying she “will be standing up in front of an audience at one point going… ‘I’d like to thank the members for this wonderful award.’ She’s gonna kill them all.”

“My character and her character sort of meet in the crossroads,” Foxx went on. “She’s desperately trying, just trying to find herself, and she teaches me about what the power actually is, and I teach her the power is inside of you and all you got to do is let your light shine through.”

Dominique said she loved working with Jamie, too. “Well, I’ll tell you, I was preparing for this. I wrote a lot of journals since I was a kid and I came across one where I wrote… ‘I want to be like Jamie Foxx, the way he takes care of his family.’ So when I came back to set I definitely had to mention that.”

“Project Power” streams on Netflix August 14.

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