Bishop Aubrey Shines slams ‘Washington Post’ on Tulsa Rally

Instead of actual journalism, the Post predictably panders to its core readership
Tulsa, OK – Bishop Aubrey Shines, leader of Conservative Clergy of Color, issued a blistering rebuke this morning to a Washington Post article that all but condemns President Trump’s rally scheduled for today in the City of Tulsa. The report paints the picture of a city on the brink of collapse, portrays the President’s visit as dishonoring the Juneteenth anniversary, and only quotes local pastors and residents who do not support the President’s arrival.

“Clearly the Washington Post had only its subscriber list in mind when it published this divisive garbage,” Bishop Shines said. “It shows one side in the race debate and implies that President Trump is visiting solely to hijack Juneteenth. Did they forget that this is an election year? I doubt these folks would be so upset if it were a Joe Biden rally.”

The Post also mentions that the rally could cause a spike in COVID-19 cases, but Bishop Shines pointed out that just weeks ago, there were massive Black Lives Matter protests in Tulsa.

“Apparently the Post thinks it’s fine to gather in crowds if you’re out looting while pretending to stand up for justice. Well, I’m glad to know the editorial board is running interference for mob rule,” the Bishop said. Bishop Shines and Conservative Clergy of Color will continue to be a voice of reason in the conversation on race as long as the Post and their ilk try to shut out all other voices.

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