Two APS Educators Win Teach On Project Awards for Excellence

Dr. Andrew Lovett, Principal of Benteen Elementary School, and Mrs. Ashleigh Spatz, Music Specialist at Burgess-Peterson Academy, were among a group of educators from metro Atlanta who were selected for the prestigious Teach On Project Award for Excellence in Education.

The Teach On Project, formerly known as the Atlanta Families’ Awards for Excellence in Education, are awarded annually to educators from metro Atlanta school districts for their work in improving student achievement, supporting student self-esteem and collaborating with community stakeholders. TOP Award for Excellence in Education winners receive a prize of $7,500 that includes funds for innovative classroom projects ($3,500), professional development ($1,500) and personal stipends ($2,500).

The Teach On Project was established in 2005 and has distributed awards to over 130 teachers and leaders, thus impacting over 10,000 students in the Metro Atlanta area. The transition from AFAEE to TOP has been quite a few years in the making and marks an exciting new chapter in the organization’s history.  TOP is an organization committed to keeping quality educators in the classroom and in public education. The Teach On Project’s programming intends to identify, empower, and expand the impact that top-performing educators have on their students, schools, and communities. TOP’s goal is to retain high-quality educators so that students are taught and inspired by the most effective educators in the field.

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