Abrams' Camp to Hold Press Conference with Hampered Georgia Voters

Today at noon, voters who experienced difficulties casting their ballots on Election Day will participate in a press conference to share their stories. On Election Day, thousands of voters in Georgia were forced to endure long lines at polling precincts and malfunctioning voting machines.

The Abrams for Governor campaign is fighting tirelessly to ensure that every eligible voter’s voice is heard and every ballot is counted to protect the integrity of Georgia’s election system. According to CNN, the Secretary of State’s office made public a spreadsheet with a county-by-county breakdown of the more than 21,000 outstanding provisional ballots. The Abrams campaign, which is staffing up for a legal fight, says there are additional ballots, many of them absentee, that have not yet been accounted for.

Kemp, who resigned his post as Georgia Secretary of State Thursday, currently leads Abrams wit 50.3 percent of the vote. If that lead drops below 50 percent, an automatic run-off will be triggered.


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