Abrams Campaign Launches Aggressive Provisional Ballot Chase Program

The Stacey Abrams for governor campaign announced the launch of an aggressive provisional ballot chase program to ensure that every eligible voter’s voice is heard, and every ballot is counted.
With tens of thousands of ballots in Democratic strongholds across the state left uncounted, the campaign is investing substantially in a radio buy for the top African American radio stations across the state, maintaining its investment levels from the GOTV period. Additionally, the campaign is making statewide investments in African American print and Latinx print and radio encouraging voters to contact the Democratic Party of Georgia’s voter protection hotline at 1- 888-730-5816.
“Since the beginning, our campaign has been committed to ensuring every eligible Georgians has the ability to make their voice heard at the ballot box,” said Campaign Manager Lauren Groh-Wargo. To date, we have made unprecedented investments in voter protection to counteract Secretary of State and Republican candidate for governor Brian Kemp’s unethical efforts to disenfranchise Georgians in order to tip this highly competitive election in his favor. We remain committed to our voter protection efforts, and encourage Georgians who are concerned about their vote to contact the voter protection hotline at 1- 888-730-5816.The Stacey Abrams campaign is keeping our promise to Georgians to ensure that every single vote is counted, and every voice is heard.”


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