Does it work? (July 25)


Social media is full of “sponsored” posts, which means someone is paying for it and they want you to buy something. The ads are very convincing, especially the ones that feature beautiful fashions at thrift store prices. The prices are low enough to make you say, “What the heck,” maybe it will be a good deal. From what I heard and from what I found out by experience is these fashions are poorly made and the quality is nonexistent. The weight loss ads are relentless. From the teas to the detox there is something that will make the pounds disappear overnight.
Recently I checked out an ad about a minute workout. Most of the workout ads want you to look at the video and of course I bit. My goal was to read the reviews. After a while you can tell a fake review from a real one and for some reason I can no longer see all of the reviews like I could before.
I can share with you one of the products that I did try, the magnetic eyelashes. I saw the ads on television and the Internet and then I found the lashes in a brick and mortar store. I thought I had hit paydirt—old school term for hitting the lottery. I brought them home and tried to put them on. There is no problem with the lashes sticking to each other but trying to hold one lash in place and then placing the other lash on top was impossible. I thought if I put some mascara on my own lashes that it would give the lashes something to hold on to. That did not work either. It seems like I just threw $15 down the drain.
The next item I want to try—yes, I still have faith that some of this stuff is going to work, just call me your “advance man,” the person that goes ahead of you and comes back and reports—is the little gadget that gives you an eyelid lift. The ad makes it look so easy but I did notice that there are not any women of color in the ad. Will this product be invisible on brown skin and can I wear eye shadow with it? These ads prey on women who want to maintain their beauty and their youth. My question is, does it work? The lashes and the magic eye strips are small ticket items but the things like Cool Sculpting is not a joke. It sounds so good but does it work? Are the people giving the testimonials paid actors?
I know a little bit about that business. Who wants to waste thousands of dollars? Not me. Here is a funny story for you. A friend of mine and me as well bought some “boy short styled” underwear. If I’m not mistaken these underpants say “no panty lines,” well they are right, no panty lines because if you have a healthy booty, the booty makes the boy shorts ride up and disappear. Get my drift? Does it work? No.
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