The Cubs Are Going Back To Cali! Face NLCS Rematch vs Dodgers

The Cubs Are Going Back To Cali! Face NLCS Rematch vs Dodgers (John L. Alexander/ The Bigs Visuals)

CHICAGO — Exhale Cubs fans!

If you thought getting that 108 year-old chip off your shoulder would mean less stressful October baseball then think again. It took all five games of the NLDS but the road to back-to-back World Series Championships rages on after a thrilling 9-8 Game 5 “W” over those (G)Nats from DC.

The Cubs, a team never short on confidence, were not shy about how difficult this series was for them.”This was a tough series for the whole team. The Nationals deserve a lot of credit but now its time to move forward to another tough series.” said reliever Carl Edwards Jr. who was in the midst of yet another “champagne shower” in the Cubs clubhouse after the victory.

The Cubbies will now “Fly The W” in the National League Championship series vs a familiar foe. The Los Angeles Dodgers. This rematch from the 2016 NLCS is bound to have you on the edge of your seats as Anthony Rizzo and the Cubbies try to dodge the Dodgers for the National League crown.

Grab your popcorn because these two teams have had their eyes on each other since March and now is the time to go “mono y mono”.

Expect the Cubs to stay calm cool and collected as the Dodgers try to get some sweet revenge on our Cubbies. But if there’s any question on just how much fun the Cubs are having on their road to a repeat…team President Theo Epstein gave a glimpse of their priorities when asked about his squads potential rotation in the NLCS.

“We’ll figure it out on the plane before the heavy drinking starts.”

Catch #TheBIGS in LA live from Dodgers Stadium for Game 1(Saturday @ 7:08) & Game 2(Sunday @ 6:38)!


#TheBIGS #ItsUS #FlyTheW #LetsDoItAgain!


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