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Around the end of the year or the start of a new one, people create resolutions or goals they rarely achieve in the end. Though seemingly a vicious cycle that many return to almost instinctively, there is a simple science to goal setting that they miss. Employ these tactics and start seeing some results.

Create long-term goals with short-term goals

Often, I hear: “my goal is to make $150,000 in sales this year or increase my social media followers.” However, there is no in-depth plan in place to achieve such goals by that people who share them with me. That is an underlying issue that hampers reaching any lofty goals that are set for business. Your primary goal can be to make X amount in annual sales annually, but it is imperative that you strategize how you intend to achieve that. For example, through product creation, distribution, tiered pricing, website design, customer retention and more. Another great tip is to organize your tactics by quarter and month. Each goal is connected to making your larger year-end objective.

Accountability matters

People who hire personal trainers are not just hiring them for the sake of it; they want to go further in their workouts and understand that accountability will be a benefit. The same thing applies to small business owners who hire a consultant. They want to grow in business and expect the advisor to keep them on track. Too many times we ask a friend to be our accountability partner with our goals, but they may not be as invested in your success as you are. Yes, they will send a reminder text or funny meme’s, but their investment in your success is not the same as someone who is being paid to keep you focused. Find a consultant, coach or strategist that aligns with your business goals who will push you further and not just hold your hand. Enlisting the guidance of a professional consultant can help you create a plan for your long-term goals through the implementation of short-term steps.

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