WECTU, Ltd. launches a free national eldercare website with a twist

Atlanta-based WECTU, Ltd. has launched an eldercare website serving senior citizens and their family caregivers. Caregivers can search this website to view blogs, podcasts and FAQ’s covering health care, living arrangements, legal, financial, tax and intrafamily issues that apply to their specific eldercare situation. Users can also search WECTU.com’s national service database to find providers close to them or to find providers who make in-home visits, thereby eliminating the difficulty of transporting elders to a distant office for an appointment — creating a one-stop eldercare solution.
WECTU.com’s service provider database covers the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, with more than 700,000 vetted service providers ranging from nursing homes, CPA’s, home healthcare agencies, geriatric care managers and attorneys, to clergy, hair stylists, plumbers, pet sitters and lawn care specialists. In total, the database contains over 250 different categories of service providers.
Website users can access content covering the topics that family caregivers must address when helping their aging loved ones find answers to their questions, save their family money using WECTU’s financial advice, solve family discord issues and help transition their parents from their current home to better living situations.
“As one who deals with complex medical issues, I am often involved with families who are confronted with both long-term care, palliative and hospice care issues,” said Dr. Gerald Spivak, MD. “The WECTU website, which contains information and assistance on a single easily navigable website, is a highly useful resource for families dealing with these types of issues. I feel comfortable referring my patients to WECTU.com.”
Dorothy Schmitt, CEO of the Investment Resource Group and a financial planner dealing with senior citizens, added, “Over the past 35 years, I have been consulting with families and developing their financial plans. One of the most difficult problem that my clients deal with is long-term care issues. For years, we have needed a single resource where seniors and their families can turn to get both information and a comprehensive list of long-term care service providers. The WECTU website is just such a resource. It is a godsend.”


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