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When Tommy Hunter ran for re-election in 2016, he stated that he originally ran for Commissioner  “to  make sure we brought trust and confidence back to Gwinnett Government” and he goes on to say he believes that has happened.

He also said “I expect to continue to make Gwinnett’s Government open and responsive to the people of the county“.  http://www.gwinnettforum.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/HunterT_R_Comm.pdf

If there is any confidence or openness in Gwinnett County Government, it is not because of Tommy Hunter.  Calling your constituents “Demon Rats” and Libtards does not do much to instill confidence in any government body. Sneaking out of Board of Commission meetings at public comment time, when Gwinnett citizens show up at to speak about  Hunter’s vile remarks, does not make Gwinnett’s government open and responsive to the people of the county either.

If all that is not bad enough, Hunter has refused to appoint a representative to the Ethics Committee that is charged with investigating a complaint about his behavior. When he became a commissioner, he agreed to abide by the ethics rules, as did all the other commissioners.  By not  appointing a representative to the committee he is saying to Gwinnett citizens, “I do not want to listen and I do not want to be held accountable”.

If Tommy Hunter wants

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