Don’t Throw Your Vote Away

E NOTES Kai EL'Zabar Executive Editor
Kai EL’ Zabar
Executive Editor

Don’t Throw Your Vote Away


If you think you are empowered by choosing to vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, think again. In the end it’s a throwaway vote that you cast. Of course, you can vote however you please, for whomever you choose. You can write in a candidate if you like. But the real question is, why? What would the impact be? What sort of outcome are you aiming for and, most importantly, do you honestly think that you can realistically achieve it?

If you can’t, then what the heck are you really doing? I have listened and listened to the repeated sound bites people have given me for not voting for Hillary from “I’m a Bernie or Bust supporter, I’m just not going to vote,” “I don’t trust her,” to “I haven’t made up my mind yet. I’m still checking both candidates out.”


So let’s look at that. What grownup enters the card game knowing the rules, gets upset that they didn’t win, throws in their cards and says, “I’m not playing because I didn’t win?” It’s that simple. And what on earth is it that you could possibly find out about he whose name I dare not mention here, for I wish not to grace him with any power, but what is it that you could possibly learn about him that would make him your choice for president?

The lack of living life has not given the youth the solid insight that would guide them to their senses rather than emotional attachment to idealism. The troopers, the warriors the survivors and ultimately winners know that you have to be in it to win it and sometimes you have to vote for the candidate who will simply save you, the country and the rest of the world from an individual who is not good for any of the three. You do so to bide your time and buy time. Begin the work after you win in order to stay in the game. Are the youth missing a major point here — that if the wrong candidate gets elected, the office of president as we know it will be changed forever. We could lose the very freedoms that we hold precious and make us a great country, and we will have no one to hold accountable but ourselves. That possibility alone is worth not gambling with fate. This is one of those times that you ask, “What can I do for my country?” and not look at what it can do for you or what it hasn’t done. Rather commit to making it work better. Then choose from what hand we’ve been dealt and choose the leader who can best do that.

To make a point by throwing your vote away on Jill Stein or Gary Johnson is not cute. It’s not practical, and if either of them had good sense they would drop out. They merely complicate the reality, which neither lives in other than their own individual distortion of what is and is not. Seriously, for years Ralph Nader ran for president independent of either the Republican or Democratic party and he was intelligent, smart and had some good ideas, but there was no groundswell to rally behind him. He was a gnat distracting one’s focus from the real race. Is there room for other candidates? I think so, but that requires work to make happen. Work that needs to be done before the next election not a month or two before the election. It takes organization and money. Start working on that, but not today when so much hangs in the balance.
So here’s some thoughts to think about:

Disrespects Everyone

DT talks about and disrespects women, Blacks, Mexicans, Chinese, Muslims, disabled, Gold Star Families, heroes and working mothers with no regard. At a rally he asked a woman to “take that crying baby out of here.”

We have heard him use the most vulgar language expressing vile thoughts about what he does to women and in doing so describes sexual assault, then openly denied what we all heard. He did not apologize for what he did but rather said, “I was embarrassed, it was locker-room talk. People who know me know that I respect women. No one respects women more than me.” LIAR! And he has the audacity to call Hillary a liar. And someone needs to tell him that he wasn’t in a locker room.
His wife said that she forgave her husband for his shameful behavior caught on tape. Yet he wants to throw up Bill Clinton’s actions and blames Hillary, who is no more responsible for her husband’s shenanigans than his wife is for his. He’s cheated on each wife and raped his first wife, which she wrote in her first book. Hillary forgave Bill and they’ve moved on and remain a united front. They are still married. He’s been married three times.

He deflects the question of his taxes he hasn’t paid and openly admits that he uses the law to avoid doing so, and that makes him smart while still demanding that Hillary release her emails, various degrees of classified information that she’s charged with being negligent for sending it by email on a personal server, putting the information at risk of being hacked. The FBI said that because it was not done intentionally no charges would be brought. However, the Republican candidate wants her to release them, and in doing put the county at risk so that at some future date he can brag that he made her release those emails, like he made President Obama produce his birth certificate. It’s all about him. I could go on. I won’t.
Takeaway: Make your vote count.


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