No Mainstream Farewell for Dr.Sebi

Dr. Sebi Talks About Reversing Disease On The Rock Newman Show
                                Dr. Sebi Talks About Reversing Disease On The Rock Newman Show

Sebi Gone Too Soon

Dr. Sebi was born Alfredo Bowman in the village of Ilanga, Honduras on November 26th, 1933. He is known as the man who claimed to have discovered a cure for AIDS, cancer and even blindness. so how did he end up dead in police custody in Honduras?

There are those who have been helped by Dr. Sebi and believe that he—a world-renowned vegetarian herbalist, healer, pathologist and biochemist actually had found the cure for all of the devastating diseases that wreaks havoc on their bodies and quality of life often leading to death, impacting all those who love them.

Some of Dr. Sebi’s supporters believe that he had become a threat to a multibillion-dollar medical industry that not only relies on continued sickness but also depends on it—it profits from it, because he was not a licensed physician. Further his products had not been tested or approved by the American Food and Drug Administration both prescription and over-the-counter human drugs and biological therapeutic products.

Dr. Sebi's  interview On The Rock Newman Show
Dr. Sebi’s interview On The Rock Newman Show

Like many he had an affinity to that which he was draw so over time he studied the ancient art of using herbs to heal the human body of known diseases. Though not formerly educated he researched, studied, practiced and worked diligently to perfect his skills and application of knowledge. Unfortunately there isn’t much latitude for those who don’t follow the rules established by modern society.

Dr. Sebi’s notoriety grew with the growth of social media, as he pushed an improved healthy lifestyle based on a simple on a dietary premise that food is alkaline for the body, and dead foods kill your body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate healing. Foods considered to be dead and therefore toxic were to be eliminated such as all flesh— red meant, pork, poultry, seafood, all processed or synthetic edibles, sugar, alcohol, iodized salt and fried foods. The alternative he offered was to replace those foods with natural organic fruits and vegetables, especially leafy greens; raw nuts and nut butters; and grains like quinoa, rye and kamut.

Dr. Sebi proposed that these foods promote the body’s natural healing properties. Dr. Sebi promoted that a clean healthy alkaline body does not support infection and disease. Thus through fasting adopting the healthy diet of ‘live ‘ foods he claimed to have cured several patients of AIDS, cancer, diabetes and blindness. Interestingly, Sebi’s foundation was based on the Bible and God’s word as his guide. Dr. Sebi believed that there is a combination of herbs and natural practices that can heal the human condition. He also wondered why modern medicine and people insist on using chemicals when they don’t work and aren’t necessary. He often made note of the pharmaceutical drug ads regarding possible side effects when he spoke publicly.

Early on he hit the radar of the AMA American Medical Association. As Dr. Sebi’s following grew stronger, more attention was paid to him, by the AMA, Pharmaceutical companies and the FDA. In 1988 after the self-taught herbalist ran ads in the Amsterdam News, the Village Voice and the New York Post stating that “AIDS has been Cured.” Sebi was instructed by New York State attorney general and the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs to remove the ads. He refused and was arrested.

The charges brought up against him included practicing medicine without a license, selling products not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and fraudulently claiming that he could cure AIDS and other diseases. However the judge asked Dr. Sebi to bring in one patient who could testify that he had cured him or her of these potentially fatal diseases. Sebi did better than that. Per reports, he provided not 1 but 70 people whom he had treated to testify that he had healed them of their disease. And myth became legend. Dr. Sebi appeared legit.

Dr. Sebi in his native homeland  Honduras
                                                   Dr. Sebi in his native homeland Honduras

On May 28, 2016, Dr. Sebi was arrested in Honduras at Juan Manuel Galvez International Airport for carrying some $37,000 in cash. He was released pending a court hearing, only to be rearrested June 3 by the Ministerio Público, Honduras’ version of the FBI, and charged with money laundering. Dr. Sebi remained in custody until Aug. 6, when he was rushed to a local hospital reportedly suffering from complications of pneumonia. His death is a mystery as many find it hard to believe that a perfectly healthy Dr. Sebi contracted pneumonia between June 3 and August 6 and died from it. Dr. Sebi died en route.  His death is a mystery as many find it hard to believe that a perfectly healthy Dr. Sebi contracted pneumonia between June 3 and August 6 and died from it. He was 82.

Common sporting a Dr. Sebi T-shirt
                        Common sporting a Dr. Sebi T-shirt

His arrest records have not been released. Circumstances surrounding his arrest remains unclear. After the arrest he was released and then rearrested for carrying so much cash. There are many unanswered questions. Is it illegal to carry cash over a certain amount? Further is not inconceivable that for a healer who had treated several high-profile clients—who reportedly included Michael Jackson, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, John Travolta and Eddie Murphy—to have a large amount of money on him.

Honduras was where Dr. Sebi grew up and had family there. Upon his arrest his family was reportedly tried to get him released from custody. Yet he was held for over a month with no court date, although no serious crime had been committed. No court date was set after his second arrest so bail was never set.

He may not have been a medical doctor but he made a major difference in the health of many. Yet mainstream didn’t cover his death in keeping with scarcely having covered his life. It’s shocking that a man who not only claimed to have cured cancer, but also beat a lawsuit alleging that he was nothing more than a quack. However they find it newsworthy to cover people of less accomplishment and  contribution. Newspapers didn’t even invest energy in debunking his claims.

Many believe that the failed attention given to Dr. Sebi’s teachings, the lack of publicity surrounding his reported successes, and the mystery surrounding his arrest and death are because, there’s no money in the cure—the money is in the sickness. The pharmaceutical business not only needs you sick but doesn’t make money if you’re well. Their position is that the entire American healthcare industry profits from disease and other health related issues.

Dr. Sebi,  pathologist, hernalist, and
Dr. Sebi,  was a vegetarian pathologist, herbalist, and biochemist.

As Dr. Sebi, pointed out just look around you, the United States can create everything else and yet resolving health issues that plague a third of America’s population is something it is always in pursuit of. Further the medical advances made through pharmaceutical companies leave much to be desired. Most are not cures but rather sedatives that masks the pain while possibly creating an additional slew of side effects or ailments. Such reality beckons the question why prescription medications have commercials if you have to have a prescription to obtain them. Advertisement serves as a form of marketing and promoting.

Drugs are big business in this country, and Dr. Sebi was pushing a healthy lifestyle that moved people toward better eating and, in turn, less medication.  As it happens, Dr. Sebi spent his life researching cures for diseases and curing some of the world’s most fatal diseases for almost 30 years. AIDS, cancer, diabetes, lupus and epilepsy are just a few of the ailments patients have given testimony that Mr. Sebi has completely reversed.

The testimony of such people may not stand up to the clinical tests required by the FDA but they do represent an inquiry as to whether or not there is truth in Dr. Sebi’s claim.


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