“Day of Rage” in 37 Cities

images (1)According to sources that asked to remain anonymous the Chicago Defender has learned that mass protesting is planned for 37 cities across the country. The efforts are allegedly a collaboration between Anonymous, the hactivist group and Black Lives Matter, who seek to call attention to the police brutality that continue to take the lives of Black and Brown people.

In particular, the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by white police officers, which have turned up the volume on the national debate of policing in America, race and unexpectedly reparations. “They can’t keep treating us like were’re animals and white America does nothing about it,” the source said.

When the Defender asked: “What is it that you want people to know?”  They responded “We want the international community to know that even when you comply they shoot you because you’re Black. And give all sorts of reasons to justify it including using the white media to discredit the Black person making it appear as though they deserved it, or making us appear like we’re less than human,” the source told the Defender.

Not all police are bad, that’s not what this is about they stated. “Its about the few bad apples that ruin the whole and there’s an entire structure dedicated to protecting those bad few and now look what has happened.”

“And mind you, this is coming from a so-called ‘Christian’ country. Shame on you America. The eyes of the world are watching and so are God’s. This is not democracy or Christianity – this is racism, plain and simple,” they said.

The Chicago Defender asks that if you plan on attending any of the protests, please remain peaceful and always be vigilant.

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