John Legend, Chrissy Teigen AND Twitter blast Piers Morgan for calling Muhammad Ali 'racist'


You knew it was going to be someone who would go against the currents of rational thinking. As the world pays the appropriate respect to Muhammad Ali, including powerful world leaders, Piers Morgan (pictured above), the disgraced former CNN talk show host, began trying to clown the late Ali by calling the man a racist.
His rationale is nonsensical and idiotic, and it rankled the nerves of both singer John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen, who went to war with Morgan over the boxing legend’s legacy.
Ali, of course, stood up for blacks’ civil rights, joined the Nation of Islam, threw away his Olympic Gold Medal after being refused restaurant service in his own hometown of Kentucky after serving his country, and then he opposed the Vietnam War.
Morgan could see none of that. He spoke ill of Ali as if the former boxing champ’s harsh words about white people at the time came out of a sociopolitical vacuum — as if Jim Crowism and slavery never existed.
Check out what Morgan had to say:
piers 1
piers 2
Morgan was not about to allow himself to get trampled upon by a husband-and-wife team, so he swung back at Teigen:
piers 3
piers 4
An angry herd of Twitter users stampeded all over Morgan for his preposterous statements and joined Legend and Teigen in blasting the failed talk show host:
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piers c

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