Who Would’ve Thought of That?


By Ken Hare

Chicago Defender Staff Writer

What do you get when you combine a ferris wheel and a bridge? This!

Tianjin Eye on Yongle Bridge, Tianjin, China

In yet another dazzling display of engineering, the Chinese have left the building long ago, and continue to push the boundaries of imagination and creativity.

Completed in 2007, at 394 feet, it is one of  the tallest ferris wheels in the world. Tianjin Eye is electrically powered and has 48 passenger capsules, each able to carry 8 passengers, and takes 30 minutes to complete a rotation giving a maximum capacity of 768 passengers per hour

images (2)
Tianjin Eye at night.

Once upon a time, Black culture in Chicago was the epicenter of creativity and imagination. Now, it appears that the only thing coming out of the Black community is violence and more violence. What happened? How long is this going to continue? And will it ever change? Stay tuned…

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