Black woman dies in Texas jail when police refuse her medical care for 2 weeks

For the second time in six months, an African American woman who moved to Texas to start a new life wound up dead while in police custody.
Symone Nicole Marshall, 22, the mother of a 5 year-old daughter, had procured gainful employment and was on the verge of purchasing a home.  But tragedy and inexplicable police behavior struck Marshall on April 26, 2016.
She was forced off the road by an unknown driver in an act of road rage and her car flipped several times, landing in a ditch. Marshall sustained considerable injuries, which, according to normal protocol would require the police to summon an medical emergency vehicle and transport her to the hospital. Instead, they cited her for not having a valid driver’s license and took her to the Walker County Jail in Huntsville, Texas.
Her repeatedly pleas to the jailers for medical attention when unheeded and ignored, her sister Honey Marshall told media outlet The New York Daily News,
“When I talked to her from jail, she complained that her head was hurting and she kept blacking out… I called the jail several times and requested for them to take her to a real hospital and they wouldn’t do so. If they would have done this, her death could have been prevented and my sister would still be here.”
Why Marshall would be kept in any jail for two week just for an invalid driver’s license is another story unto itself.
As a result of jail officials gross negligence and callous behavior towards the woman, she languished away in the jail until she died due to a blood clot in her lungs.
No one of authority has given a justifiable reason the woman was denied proper medical attention.
The reeling family, distraught and shocked over their loved one’s unnecessary death is now trying to raise money to cover funeral expenses for their loved one. They have created a GoFundMe page and so far have raised $2,725. The family states on the GoFundMe page:
“We are seeking 3 things to help us: media attention on this issue, justice for the two weeks of gross negligence that resulted in her death, and donations toward giving Symone a beautiful funeral. We appreciate the love and support. #BlackLivesMatter”

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